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6439Sheepshaver basic question

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  • Rick Albright
    Aug 22, 2010
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      This is a stupid question, but . . . when I first installed Sheepshaver (my system is 10.6.4), I could open WordPerfect files just fine. All of a sudden, I can't. If I double-click on the file icon, I get an OSX error message saying the Classic environment isn't supported. If I launch sheepshaver and WordPerfect, I can't "see" any files not in the Sheepshaver desktop. But I also can't copy or move any files to that desktop.

      I didn't have this problem before. What am I missing? I can't find any instructions that relate to this on the site. I've been trying to search the message database all evening for an answer and keep getting this message: "Search server is busy (code=300). Please try again later."

      Rick Albright
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