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6436Re: [wpmac] Any free word processor/converter for Mac that will save a doc in ".wpd" format?

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  • em315
    Aug 20, 2010

      Well, he's clearly running some version of OS X on his Mac, because he says he uses OpenOffice.org and NeoOffice - which aren't available on pre-OS-X Macs. If he's still running 10.4 Tiger on a PowerPC Mac, then he can use WordPerfect for the Mac directly. Otherwise, if he's using 10.5 or later, or 10.4 on an Intel Mac, he'll have to use an emulator.

      As for the target WP format, that can only be either WPDOS 5.x or WPDOS 6.x (which is the format for all versions of WPWin from 6.x onward) - does it make any difference which one it is? The only free Mac software (he asked explicitly for free software) that saves in WPDOS 5.x or 6.x format is WordPerfect for the Mac.

      So the answer to the original poster's question is:

      If you're running OS X 10.4 (or earlier) on a PowerPC Mac, install WPMac directly. If running an Intel Mac or 10.5 on a PowerPC Mac, then use SheepShaver and WP in one of the two available versions.

      That's exactly the same as the answer that John Rethorst gives in his quick guide to using WPMac under OS X.

      I don't think we're wasting bandwidth on this question. It comes up in various forms very often, and maybe a visitor to this list may find the answer that he or she is looking for.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, John Kaufmann <kaufmann@...> wrote:
      > In a message dated 2010.08.20 22:26 -0500, em315 wrote:
      > > WPMac isn't remotely the same as WPWin, but the formats are close enough to allow very reliable round-tripping - something you can't get when you convert from WP to RTF or Word or anything else, and then back again.
      > Yes, Ed. That's why I asked the OP about his Mac, OS and target WP
      > format - the framework on which a working solution must hang.
      > Unfortunately, he has not been back with answers, so it is likely a
      > waste of bandwidth to speculate on solutions.
      > John K.
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