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6407Re: [wpmac] [OT] Stories from Tech Support

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  • Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.
    Aug 8, 2010
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      The last item reminds me of an experience I had when I worked for a
      school system.

      Back in the early days we had a Combination of Apple I, II, IIe, IIc,
      Ti-88 Commodore 64/28, Epson Equity I,II, III, IV, IBM PS 1, and 2 and
      some house Brands called Winn (286 and 386 boxes), then a few Macintosh

      Most of the Elementary and Primary schools just used the Apple I,II
      machines and the TI-88.

      Anyway I was at a School in Library and a child came in and asked for a
      program to go in computer. The Librarian gave the child a Floppy Disk
      for an Apple II Computer. A few minutes later the child came back and was
      desperately asking Librarian to come get the computer working. She asked me
      to go along as it could be a problem with the computer.

      When we got to the room we almost had to duct tape our mouths closed. Turns
      out she had a TI-88 which used a cartridge slot and she folded the
      floppy in quarters and stuffed it in the slot expecting it to work. The librarian told the child to come back to room and she would give them a program that would

      We had to go outside and laugh our backsides off for about 5 minutes.

      jrethorst wrote:
      > . . . found on the web
      > Actual Call Center Calls
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