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  • jrethorst
    Jul 10, 2010
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      I have not had this difficulty, although I am starting to wonder in general about the 25 Oct 2009 build, apparently done by someone over at emaculation.com without a lot of experience.

      It may be because I created the disk image in the current SS-WP install with SheepShaver Prefs rather than Disk Utility, but I can no longer check the image (with SheepShaver not running of course) with Disk Utility. It starts a check and immediately returns the error "Unrecognized file system".

      I'm still troubleshooting the Adobe driver, without much luck, and am going to try an earlier SS build next. If I can figure out the problem here, I might be able to fix envelope printing.

      Tom, I wonder if a corrupted font may be the culprit on your machine. I don't know why Clarisworks 4 would then work, unless it does less of a font check on startup than WP does. Do you have WP set to show fonts in the menu as they actually appear ("Graphic Font Menu" in Prefs > Environment)? If so, try disabling that option.

      John R.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D." <TJRostaf@...> wrote:
      > Hi, Everyone.
      > Have any of you had difficulties with starting WP up in recent SS builds?
      > With the latest SS builds, that is, the ones from 18 or 25 October 2009,
      > I often get a blank window and a spinning globe when I try to open WP,
      > or open WP by double-clicking a WP document in the Finder. This
      > continues indefinitely and I have to force-quit SS. Pain.
      > This does not happen if I use John R.'s method of opening WP in the
      > background, though as soon as I try to open a document, I get the freeze-up.
      > This behavior is less likely with older builds, even the one from 4
      > October 2009, although at times I need to go back to one of the 21 July
      > 2008 builds. I have not had any problems with starting SS itself, or
      > opening other apps; ClarisWorks 4 is no problem, for example. The disk
      > checks out fine, whether in Disk First Aid, or in Disk Utility when
      > mounted in OSX (after shutting down SS, of course).
      > I have tried removing my global OnOpenDocument macro (which sets the
      > zoom to 150%) as well as getting rid of my OnStartUp macro. This did
      > not change the behavior, nor did trashing the preference file or
      > re-creating the Library.
      > There are many macros as well as custom keystrokes in my Library, though
      > this behavior would occur even with a pristine Library, before my
      > putting everything back in.
      > Once WP is running, it runs as well as ever. The problem is just with
      > getting it started.
      > I am running WP 3.5e in Mac OS 8.6 with OS 10.4.11 as the host system.
      > (BTW, I do not run into this problem when running the same configuration
      > in SSWin, whether on WinXP or Win2000 as the host.)
      > I have suspected that this has something to do with the Font bar, which
      > I set in the prefs to show automatically. If I had not set that in the
      > prefs, and I click on the tab to show the Font bar, it has frozen WP.
      > Also, though I don't know if this is related, not all my SpeedStyles
      > show up in the SpeedStyles menu on the Font bar. If I want certain ones
      > to show, I have to use the Librarian to copy them into the document I'm
      > working on.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Tom
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