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6395Re: Printing in SheepShaver

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  • jrethorst
    Jul 4, 2010
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      Steve Kane wrote:

      >I installed the Chooser you uploaded into the Apple Menu Items folder.
      The LaserWriter 8 driver was not in the Extensions folder, but I
      happen to have a copy of LaserWriter 8.7.3 so I put it in the
      Extensions folder.
      > . . .
      >I'll bet it will work now.

      Let me know, as it will help troubleshooting the Adobe driver.


      Bill Hunter wrote;

      >1. What does the Adobe driver provide in terms of function / productivity
      gains over LW 8? Only the 'auto' step in Adobe driver? None should know better
      than you, but no option for a scripted 'one-step' for the entirety? Is the LW 8
      driver amenable to a small hack such as re-ordering the driver script to effect
      'Print to File' as the default action?

      I don't see a way to script the driver. I'll look for the hack. Thanks for the idea. BTW Bill good to see you back.

      John R.
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