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6392Re: [wpmac] Printing in SheepShaver

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  • WH
    Jul 4 12:50 PM
      Don't have SS-WP configured so as to test at the moment, but offer a couple of caveats for 'thinking' (rather than telling') from my printing goober archives. Even the latest SS package released may be compromised by diff 'folks and diff gear between WP and the output end.
      1. Steve has the crux of the issue from extensive experience with LW 8 re other compatibility issues. To avoid endless picket fences in the leap from OS 9 to current OS X, avoid frustration with the 'direct print' concept, i.e., passing the document 'through the fence'. Deliver the document file 'over the interface fence' starting with LW 8 to generate a virtual file. (Sorry, but 'tis bin so long can not recall the precise steps albeit straight forward.) Both of you have superb skills to construct a flowpath with AppleScript or 'Folder Action' tools so as to make the entire printing process quick and flexible for different equipment / users + K-I-S-S. Perhaps some constructive for the OS X side of the fence will assist.
      2. OS X Software: Use the current OS X Preview or the excellent (free) Skim to open on the OS X side of the fence and print as desired. (Previously encountered PDF docs whence Acrobat stumbled, but these WORK.) The Adobe drivers are so problematic that entanglement is guaranteed. Likewise, long before wasting more time on Adobe printing, would try the >>>> productivity / cost value of PDF PEN if issues remain. The latter provides a wealth of editing, etc., functions which are far easier to use than Adobe-ware. Finally, (and perhaps best of all) urge your consideration of the free CUPS as your workhorse print driver irrespective of whether you have manufacturer supplied print drivers for your printer. CUPS , complete with seemingly flawless PPD, WORKS!!! A recent - - and continuing saga - - is the endless foible of HP print drivers for SL. HP was still trying with a new batch of revisions last week. i.e. What we all know from experience, ALL software interfaces in all this 'over the fence and off to printing' must be compatible. Start with CUPS on the OS X output end if feasible.
      3. Adobe: Adobe print drivers elicit a new crop of posted complaints every couple months. From a VERY expensive lesson mandated by interaction with a professional group, Acrobat Pro is the penultimate fleece of time and $. Additionally, PDF Pen provides superb OCR and the new Abbyy OCR is a paradigm while Acrobat Pro 9 is a crash cart for OCR. I finally removed every file of Adobe goo with their failure to appropriately address security in addition to functional issues. (Yes John, not even command line beats 'Easy Find'. Grunenberg is a guru.) Have never looked back......
      Hope this feedback augments your evident progress.
      Bill H.

      On Jul 3, 2010, at 8:47 PM, jrethorst wrote:

      > I'm rebuilding printing in SS-WP, and am getting crashes with the Adobe PS driver. When I go to the Chooser and select Laserwriter 8, printing is OK. Do you have that same result?
      > John R.
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Steve Kane <skane-l@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > On Jul 1, 2010, at 9:16 AM, jrethorst wrote:
      > >
      > > >> Now "Open WP Files" works but the printing function doesn't. When I
      > > >> try to print, a window appears saying "the printer description file
      > > >> associated with this printer caused an error" and then both
      > > >> WordPerfect and SheepShaver crash.
      > > >
      > > > I'll look at that this weekend. But SheepShaver rarely crashes here.
      > >
      > > I am getting the same crash when attempting to print. I used EasyFind
      > > to locate and delete all files with SheepShaver in their name
      > > including the invisible .SheepShaver_Prefs" file you mention.
      > > Reinstalled, but getting the same crash on attempting to print.
      > >
      > > MacBook, 10.5.8
      > >

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