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6383Re: Next release of SheepShaver-WordPerfect install

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  • jrethorst
    Jul 1, 2010
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Philip Utley <putley@...> wrote:

      > I removed my copy of SheepShaver and associated files, using EasyOpen. I downloaded your latest version, "SheepShaver-WordPerfect Install 1.2.3.dmg" and installed it.

      Did you delete SheepShaver's prefs file, an invisible file at the root level of the user's Home folder, titled ".SheepShaver_Prefs"? The installer should delete any old prefs file automatically, but that might not have worked this time.

      > Now "Open WP Files" works but the printing function doesn't. When I try to print, a window appears saying "the printer description file associated with this printer caused an error" and then both WordPerfect and SheepShaver crash.

      I'll look at that this weekend. But SheepShaver rarely crashes here.

      > WP doesn't start automatically with SheepShaver and there's no startup items folder.

      I see a startup items folder in the system folder of the SheepShaver disk image, containing two Applescripts, "SS Startup" and "~Open WP Files". I didn't put an alias to WP in this folder, since SS Startup runs Disk First Aid, which stops its check if there's other disk activity, such as launching WP.

      I have a line in the SS Startup script that starts WP after the disk check, and disabled that for some reason. I'll enable that again and test it this weekend.

      John R.
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