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6373Re: [wpmac] Re:[OT] Long an Upstart, Apple Plays New Role: Goliath (NY Times)

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  • Chad Smith
    Jun 25, 2010
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      Well, a lot, actually.

      On the iP_____'s specifically, by keeping Flash off the devices, they have
      killed a *TON* of competition.

      Who would buy episodes of "The Office" from the iTunes store, if they could
      fire up Hulu and watch them for free?

      Who would pay 99� for a game (1/2 or 1/3 of which goes to Apple, not the
      developers) when the *exact same game* is free online in Flash?

      Who would get an iAd supported game (all the money goes to Apple) if the
      exact same game is free online Flash?

      Or a very similar game is online for free in Flash.... One of the biggest
      games for the iP___s has been Fieldrunners - Desktop Tower Defense has been
      free online for years - but it is in Flash.

      How much money do you think Apple will make from the Farmville app?
      Farmville is free and full-featured in Flash online.

      All these things that are free in Flash are for sale, or Apple iAd supported
      in the App Store / iTunes. The App Store is a MULTI-MILLION (if not
      BILLION) dollar business.

      Now, all these things still hold true on a Mac with a crashing Flash. If
      Hulu crashes my MacBook - I might break down and buy that episode on iTunes.
      If Pandora is stuttering, I might buy some mp3s from iTunes instead.

      They have a *LOT* to gain. Millions and millions of dollars.

      - Chad W Smith

      On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 3:32 PM, Frank Mitchell <fmitchel@...> wrote:

      > Hello Chad
      > >IMHO - it's Apple's fault.
      > >
      > >snip
      > >
      > >It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Apple is purposefully sabotaging Flash.
      > So what do you think Apple might expect to gain from that?
      > Saw on TV today that one of our illustrious senators is suggesting that
      > the oil spill might have been deliberately caused by Obama.
      > -- Frank Mitchell, Scottsdale, Arizona

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