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6363[wpmac] Re: Hanging indent in WP3.5e

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  • jrethorst
    Jun 2, 2010
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Brown <cbrown15@...> wrote:
      > Ahhh, what WordPerfect does best.

      Or at least one of them.

      > Option-tab block indents all lines of the following paragraph on the left.
      > Option-command-tab block indents the whole following paragraph on
      > both left and right.
      > Either of these followed by shift-tab (back-tab) takes the first line
      > back to the previous tab stop or left margin, giving a hanging
      > paragraph.

      Back tab works even if you haven't indented the paragraph. The hanging indent moves the first line left to the next tab stop.

      All of these keystrokes, like every command in the program, are user-customizable.

      > Why has no other word processor made hanging paragraphs and block
      > quotes so simple?

      This is a good question.
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