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6302Re: Using WordPerfect X4 on Intel Mac

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  • hans.dorsman
    Mar 28, 2010
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      When you create a file in wp3.5e just give it the extension .wpd, then it will be recognized.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "ddschmalz" <ddschmalz@...> wrote:
      > I finally received my WordPerfect for Windows X4 and installed it last night on my Intel MacBook, which has Windows 7 in a Bootcamp partition. Then I created a file on the PPC computer using WP 3.5 Enhanced and copied it to the MacBook while running Windows. Although the file showed up in Windows with a generic icon, WordPerfect opened it just fine. If I double-click the file's icon, it shows no program associated with the file type and presents me with a list of programs to use to open it, and if I choose WordPerfect, it opens without a problem that way also. When I look at the properties of the Mac 3.5e file after copying it to Windows, Windows 7 says "File type: File."
      > So, I don't have the solution that I had hoped to have, but it is not as bad as not being able to open 3.5e files at all. I don't have Parallels installed on this computer yet, but If I install Parallels and copy my 3.5e files to the MacBook's OS X volume instead of the Bootcamp Windows volume, is there anything I could do so that the files would have a WordPerfect icon and double-clicking would cause OS X to start WordPerfect for Windows X4 and open the file? I'm hoping that some of the work that was done to accomplish this using Sheepshaver would also be applicable to starting the WP Windows application.
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