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6301Re: Using WordPerfect X4 on Intel Mac

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  • jrethorst
    Mar 18, 2010
      In Preferences > Files, you can set to save documents in WP 3.5 format by default. This is intrinsically the same format as 3.5e except that the latter is compressed to save space, something we all have more of now than when the format was written.

      MetaMacro can change a folder full of WP 3.5e files to 3.5 with a few clicks.

      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "em315" <em315@> wrote:

      > However, if you have files that were saved by WordPerfect for the Mac 3.5 Enhanced in the native format of WordPerfect for the Mac 3.5 Enhanced, then you won't be able to open those files in WordPerfect for Windows. The ONLY programs that can open those files are WordPerfect for the Mac 3.5 Enhanced, or OpenOffice.org and programs based on OpenOffice.org.

      > This problem does NOT occur if your WordPerfect for the Mac files were saved in the original WPMac 3.x format (NOT 3.5 Enhanced) or in a WordPerfect for DOS or Windows format. But it does occur if your WP files were created or saved in WPMac 3.5 Enhanced.
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