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  • jcrethorst
    Mar 1, 2010
      It's 2010, so many years after the 1984 that George Orwell so feared. We all have computers, and they finally do what we want them to.

      I sit down in front of my Intel Mac and double-click a Photoshop file in the Finder. The Photoshop program activates and shows me the file.

      I double-click a Filemaker database. Filemaker activates, and shows me the file.

      I double-click a WordPerfect document. WordPerfect activates, and shows me the file.

      Hey. Wait right there. WordPerfect isn't part of OSX.

      OK, but thanks to some excellent work by Ed Mendelson and Smokey Robinson, you'd never know.

      WordPerfect is now almost entirely integrated with the OSX environment.

      That means, dude, Snow Leopard and OS versions for the foreseeable future.

      Currently in development: select a word in WP and run an Applescript from your script menu. The OSX dictionary opens and looks up the word. That's already in the Files section here for PPC, but will work on Intel starting in a week or two.

      Now that we have double-click -> open file, don't forget that WP, itself, is still the (not _a_, but _the_) word processor from heaven, or wherever it is that we go when we eat chocolate.

      So spend _how much $$_ on Word or something else (is there still anything else? Nisus? Mellel? Mariner Write? Do they support footnotes yet?)

      Or spend _zilch_ on WP. Get the word processor Moses would have carried down from the mountain had he been computer-literate.

      The OS9 environment weren't that bad, me friend, says the grizzled prospector as he brings his mule down the trail. 'Specially now that it runs at Intel Core Duo 2 speed. There's gold in the hills.

      But we knew that. We have WP.

      John R.
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