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6215Re: Icon Help?

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  • jrethorst
    Feb 6 7:32 PM
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "sardisson" <smokey.ardisson@...> wrote:

      >That way you could avoid the problem of persistent AppleScript properties getting stored when writing and testing the app and make the UNIX Folder detection work correctly for everyone, out of the box--instead of throwing an error when their UNIX Folder isn't in the same location as yours ;-)

      One of my dumber moves. I meant to have the app read the SS prefs file
      when run, i.e. double-clicked, and for the instructions to have the user
      do that after install. But I had the app read the file only if it hadn't read
      it before . . . but this was version .91, i.e., ahem, beta . . . :-)

      > Anyway, these should work; everything that doesn't require SS itself I've tested. For the icon association, you'll need to delete any older versions of Open WP Files, ensure the new one is placed somewhere in the Applications folder to get LaunchServices to read the plist, and then you may need to restart the Finder to see the icons change (though the actual app binding should be updated right away).

      Will the user domain's Applications folder work? The app works on my
      machine, but I had already done a bunch of things to try to get the binding
      to stick, e.g. the DefaultApp prefpane, and I don't know if I was able to get
      rid of everything before installing your masterpiece.

      > Hope this helps,
      > Smokey

      It helps us all a great deal. It greatly increases the integration and ease of
      use of SS/WP with OSX, meaning more people will continue to use (or even,
      dare I think it, when they consider the competition, start to use) WP.

      Thanks again!

      John R.
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