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6115Re: [wpmac] Corel Bought Out

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  • Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.
    Dec 1, 2009
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      back in the day when WordPerfect was popular I used Lotus 1-2-3 not
      excel. Then I used MS-works for Mac which was a direct ripoff port of
      AppleWorks for Apple II. But apple didn't port fast enough instead they
      came out with MacWrite Pro. I used WordPerfect/Lotus 1-2-3, Then
      Ms-Works, then I bought Word and Excel because I wasn't interested the
      rest off the office program. I finally relented, bought Office 2001, I
      still don't use PowerPoint to this date.

      Tom Wyrick wrote:
      > In my opinion, the relative "friendliness" of MS Word is what really
      > made it take off and kill off WordPerfect, over time. By the same token,
      > it's *also* what motivates some people to swear by WordPerfect to this
      > day. For example, I remember doing on-site computer service for a couple
      > of law firms that absolutely HAD to have WordPerfect, because the legal
      > assistants all relied on complex macros designed by former employees of
      > the firms. Many of their often typed form-letters, they could generate
      > with practically a single Function key combo - including such things as
      > printing the address on the envelope automatically, as long as it was
      > loaded in the printer behind the piece of paper for the letter itself,
      > all in one shot.
      > Theoretically, the same or similar functionality could probably be
      > crafted into a Word template and macros ... but who wants to change
      > products (spending money on another software license in the process),
      > and THEN have to manually re-code and test all of that?
      > But those users amount to a "niche" compared to all the students, year
      > after year, who learn how to use a word processor for the first time
      > (and almost always learn MS Word), plus all the business users who don't
      > do enough "fancy stuff" to really care which word processor they use, as
      > long as it lets them type and print. And again, they usually wind up
      > with MS Word because it's offered, pre-loaded, as an option on so many
      > new PCs.
      > You have to remember too, people are typically buying an "office suite",
      > not just a word processor. Office looks even more attractive when that's
      > the case, because MS Excel is the de-facto best choice of a spreadsheet
      > package on the market for Windows. Corel did try to sell "Wordperfect
      > Office", but with no Excel spreadsheet - they just weren't enough of a
      > contender.
      > On Nov 30, 2009, at 12:29 PM, John W wrote:
      > > People tend to forget or ignore just how different Word and
      > WordPerfect were, way back then. WordPerfect had the market share, but
      > there wasn't any real competition until Word came along.
      > >
      > > Does anyone else remember how obscure the WordPerfect keyboard
      > commands were? I don't remember the WP keystrokes to save a document or
      > to exit WP - I think it was some combination involving the F-keys. (WP
      > never bothered with mnemonics.) And I think for many commands you had to
      > use those keystrokes. Understand that this was really early in the
      > graphical interface days; most secretaries and typists really weren't
      > comfortable using a mouse.
      > >
      > > I remember having to shut off and restart the computer because I
      > couldn't figure out how to exit WordPerfect.
      > >
      > > Word was like a blast of fresh air. (I know it's painful to hear
      > this, but you had to be there.)
      > > The menu structure seemed logical and the keyboard shortcuts made
      > sense. It shortened my learning curve dramatically, and I never did
      > learn how to use the early version of WP.
      > >
      > > I'm not trying to sanitize history, but Microsoft's challenge to
      > compare the two was evil genius at its best. Word was a better product
      > by far, and WordPerfect didn't do anythiing about that until it was too
      > late, so they brought the lawyers in.
      > > __._
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