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6114[wpmac] Free Word?

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  • chuckewe
    Dec 1, 2009
      walther2232 <gnhone@...>
      Subject: [wpmac] Free Word?
      Date: December 1, 2009 3:17:03 AM PST
      To: wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com

      Yes, Microsoft did "give" Word away.
      Specifically, to anyone who bought certain models of Compaq machines, and less than a decade ago. My copy is Word 2002 and the CD states "for distribution with a new machine only".
      Never did install it. I use Word 2000 which came under a University licence, and then because the University rules were MS only (the word 'only' should be in Caps, but I don't like shouting.
      BTW, I did find that WP6 for Windows will run on my wife's machine under XP Professional (so I can still have Reveal Codes under windows)


      The cost of MS Word was built into the price of the OEM computers so they weren't Free.

      Trying to get ahead of a DOJ suit, instead of preloading has they had been for years, Microsoft made the disks available but they could only be installed on that specific model & make of computer. It used to really anger me that when buying a new computer from a major OEM, office was already installed & the cost built in. For years, I couldn't get the OEMs to remove MS Office before shipping, even though I requested it, and recognized I was stuck paying for it as part of the computers price. Microsoft would threaten to cut off any OEM who wouldn't preload office.

      To reduce costs, OEM did not load the software including Windows & MS Office on each individual machine, they would use a program like Ghost, which made an imagine of one machine, and copy that image, and include a recovery disk, not full copies of the software. So if you had a problem, the disk would restore the machine to the original factory condition, wiping out all changes made, including date, updates, other software added on. . . . It helped lower the cost of each computer sold.

      They also used to make MS Works available for a no charge option, and earlier iterations had Word. They changed it later because many people didn't bother buying the overpriced bloatware known as MS Office, (pick your year) nor just buying Word when later versions were released.

      I'm running Microsoft XP in VMfusion on my Mac, and just finished typing up a witness list in Wordperfect X3, with no problem, and with reveal code, the best feature of WP for those of us with simple word processing skills.

      Reading some of the comments over the last few days with people trashing WP and talking up Word, made me wonder, why are they on this forum at all?

      WP has, for people in Law & Medical offices, been the premiere word processor. When you collaborate with multiple people from multiple offices, formatting is such an issue. Reveal codes saves me countless hours. As an indigent defense provider, there is never any time to waste & sharing work others have done so we don't have to reinvent the wheel on motions & memorandums, is the glue that holds us together.

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