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6099Re: [wpmac] Corel Bought Out

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  • John W
    Nov 30, 2009
      People tend to forget or ignore just how different Word and WordPerfect were, way back then. WordPerfect had the market share, but there wasn't any real competition until Word came along.

      Does anyone else remember how obscure the WordPerfect keyboard commands were? I don't remember the WP keystrokes to save a document or to exit WP - I think it was some combination involving the F-keys. (WP never bothered with mnemonics.)  And I think for many commands you had to use  those keystrokes. Understand that this was really early in the graphical interface days; most secretaries and typists really weren't comfortable using a mouse.

      I remember having to shut off and restart the computer because I couldn't figure out how to exit WordPerfect.

      Word was like a blast of fresh air. (I know it's painful to hear this, but you had to be there.)
      The menu structure seemed logical and  the keyboard shortcuts made sense. It shortened my learning curve dramatically, and I never did learn how to use the early version of WP.

      I'm not trying to sanitize history, but Microsoft's challenge to compare the two was evil genius at its best. Word was a better product by far, and WordPerfect didn't do anythiing about that until it was too late, so they brought the lawyers in.

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