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6066Re: [wpmac] Re: Trouble getting started with SheepShaver

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  • David Schmalz
    Nov 7, 2009
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      I have Sheepshaver running WordPerfect adequately well but it did
      take quite a bit of tinkering. I think I have about five different
      virtual disks from all of the times I tried various sound control
      panels and different versions of OS9. For me, trying to get it to
      work is kind of FUN (I'm afraid I'm just too much of a geek), but if
      it is a chore to you, your other options are much easier to set up
      and very stable.

      If you have an Intel Mac, you can either use Word for Mac or use
      WordPefect for Windows with Parallels or a similar product called
      VMWare Fusion.

      I use Word for Mac, and it's OK. (I certainly prefer it to Word for
      Windows since they changed the familiar drop down menus to the
      "ribbon" where I can’t find anything when I need it). I also have
      Parallels and WordPerfect for Windows running on my Macbook, and
      while there is nothing wrong with it, I find that I almost always
      never use it. Parallels was very easy to set up.

      Of course, you have to buy those products, but there are also a
      couple of other options that won’t cost you anything. One option is
      to use Open Office, which works quite well in my opinion. It has the
      same general features as Word or WordPerfect and can open and save
      files in various formats, and it is a regular Mac program so it
      doesn’t need Parallels.

      Another thing to look at is VirtualBox, which does the same things as
      Parallels (or Fusion) with a few less features, but it is also free.
      You could run WordPerfect for Windows under that.

      If you have a Power PC Mac, you can use Virtual PC and run
      WordPerfect for Windows. On my 933 mHz Mac Quicksilver using
      Microsoft Virtual PC version 7 and Windows XP, it isn’t real snappy,
      but it runs WordPerfect just fine. I found a copy on eBay with
      Windows XP Home, and Windows activated without any problem. Even the
      older Virtual PC version 5.04 with Windows 98 ran WordPerfect well
      for me.

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