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6064[wpmac] Re: Trouble getting started with SheepShaver

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  • Daniell L. Mattern
    Nov 6, 2009
      >First, download the latest SheepShaver build:
      >This fixes a problem in the 18 October build having to do with crash
      >at startup, so this may correct your issue.

      I just tried this build, but it bounces once in the dock and quits,
      which is less successful than the 1/4/08 build in SS-WP 1.1 that at
      least gets to a menu bar. Are there other builds that would be worth
      trying? Is there any problem with having several builds sitting in my
      user area?

      >Just for a clean reinstall, get the free EasyFind utility from Version Tracker
      >and delete SheepShaver's prefs file. It's invisible, at the root of your Home
      >folder, entitled ".sheepshaver_prefs".

      Tried this, but no improvement.

      >BTW I hope to release a much-improved installer for SheepShaver this
      >weekend, obviating initial use of the SheepShaver Prefs utility. Install
      >should be automatic.
      >John R.

      Maybe that will help. Thanks for your suggestions.

      -- Dan
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