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6026Re: [wpmac] Running WordPerfect on Mac

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  • Chad Smith
    Oct 4, 2009
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      No FUD here, Smokey. All 100% Facts. Name one fact that I stated that is

      I said that NeoOffice is outdated - that's a fact. You admitted it. As
      much as a full year behind OpenOffice.org.

      I said NeoOffice stands on the back of the OpenOffice.org community - that's
      a fact. They don't write the vast majority of the code for NeoOffice, Sun
      and the community do - NeoOffice just adds their little snippets and
      packages it as if it were some new product, which it is not.

      I said NeoOffice makes money off of the work of OpenOffice.org volunteers.
      Every cent they get from their donations and their "Early access program" -
      (which is laughable, since, as I said, they are offering early access to
      year old code) - is money they are making because of the hard work of
      everyone at OpenOffice.org

      I said NeoOffice is not needed. That's an opinion. That's neither Fear,
      Uncertainity, nor Doubt. You say competition is good. That is generally
      true. But when the competition is stealing the code and repackaging it and
      selling it and not contributing a thing back to the community they are
      taking the code from - it's not good.... For anyone.

      That list you sent me to - that's full of FUD. They claim the
      OpenOffice.org code is somehow less tried-and-true than the NeoOfficce code,
      by suggesting that NeoOffice has been around since 2003 and OpenOffice.org
      only since 2008. That's insane. OpenOffice.org was first released in
      2001. And, by the project's very nature, OOo would have HAD TO have been
      around before NeoOffice could have existed. Since, again, all they do is
      take OOo's code and slap some branding on it.

      That list claims that Neo and OOo have the same OOo codebase version number,
      which we know isn't true.

      Most of the "Features" they list are comestic - they don't like OOo's
      icons. How is that a feature?

      And any app in OS X can make a PDF. They claim OOo can't. That's a
      straight up lie.

      - Chad Smith

      On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Smokey Ardisson

      > I don't want to start a flame war on this list, where it's off-topic
      > anyway, but I won't sit idly by and have you repeat the same FUD
      > every time someone mentions NeoOffice, either. That's twice now in
      > two days. Randy Singer has already addressed a few points, but let
      > me reply to others.

      > 1) Competition is good. It provides user choice, and users have far
      > too few choices in word processing (and especially "office") software
      > these days. Competition from NeoOffice, in part, convinced Sun to
      > commit resources to the Aqua port of OpenOffice.org a couple years
      > ago (which, to that point, had been entirely a community project with
      > no Sun engineers assigned) and helped the OpenOffice.org Aqua port
      > ship. Competition from OpenOffice.org Aqua, in part, led NeoOffice
      > to integrate additional Mac features into the program. Competition
      > from Microsoft...well, we won't go there.
      > 2) Yes, NeoOffice will not immediately use the code from the latest,
      > greatest OpenOffice.org version. NeoOffice undertakes an upgrade to
      > the latest OpenOffice.org codebase about once a year, whereas
      > OpenOffice.org currently releases new minor versions 2-3 times a
      > year. If you have to have the latest OpenOffice.org features (and
      > bugs), OpenOffice.org Aqua is the better choice for you. On the
      > other hand, NeoOffice has the advantage of running code that has been
      > in use longer and has had more bugs shaken out of it. NeoOffice also
      > releases bug fix patches roughly twice a month (and test patches with
      > the fix often within 24 hours), so if you don't want to wait 3-6
      > months for a fix for the crash that causes the program to be unusable
      > for you, NeoOffice might be a better choice.
      > 3) NeoOffice continues to have Mac-only features that are not present
      > in OpenOffice.org (see
      > http://neowiki.neooffice.org/index.php/NeoOffice_Feature_Comparison
      > for a comparison of features; note that this comparison was current
      > when NeoOffice 3.0 was released; OpenOffice.org has since released
      > version 3.1, but the comparison should, in the main, still be
      > accurate), continues to officially support PowerPC Macs, and is a
      > Mac-only project. While NeoOffice inherits many issues from deep
      > withing the cross-platform (Windows-focused) OpenOffice.org code,
      > within those limitations NeoOffice is free to focus entirely on Mac
      > users when adding features and fixing bugs.
      > 4) If you're looking for a way to convert WordPerfect Windows (or
      > Mac, to a lesser degree) documents to another format, either
      > NeoOffice or OpenOffice.org will work fine for you; open the document
      > and then export in your desired file format.
      > If you're looking for a replacement word processor for
      > WordPerfect-Mac or a new office suite, try them both. Try Microsoft
      > Office and iWork (both have time-limited free trials), and AbiWord
      > and Nisus, too. Find the product that works best for your needs, not
      > the one that someone on a mailing list tells you to like. If you're
      > not looking for a replacement for WordPerfect-Mac, then just ignore
      > these emails and continue using one of the greatest word processors
      > ever written ;-)
      > Smokey

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