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5979Running WordPerfect on Mac

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  • jilliangm33
    Oct 2, 2009
      Could someone tell me in English if there is a simple way to do this? I am a writer of lengthy legal documents, a long-time devotee of WP and a recent convert to Mac. I can use word but do not like it much. Worse than that, my own library of documents (at least 10-15 years' worth of work) is stored in WP format and now I cannot access it. As a Mac neophyte, I thought I could just buy WP for Mac and that would be that. Unfortunately, from what I have read, it's not going to be so easy. Do I have to do this Sheepsaver maneuver? I dread the idea of being in the middle of my work and having the whole this collapse. But this sounds like it's held together with scotch tape. I am working on the 10.6.1. I will ask Apple directly, but I'd like to know the user's point of view also. Many thanks for the help.
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