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5972Re: [wpmac] TextEdit > WP Applescript

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Sep 10, 2009
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      It was the reference to rtf that made me ask the question. If I was
      working in Textedit and then decided to transfer to WP, I would
      probably not be using rtf, so I would expect system font-swapping. If
      I was in textedit and thinking of saving as rtf, I would not be
      thinking of then moving to WP - I would have started that document in
      WP. I'd let the System fix the fonts, therefore.


      >--- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Geoff Gilbert <Geoff@...> wrote:
      >> Never done anything like that, so this may be a daft question, but if
      >> you are working in rtf do you need to tell the script to ensure the
      >> font is one you have available in the Sheepshaver System Folder?
      >Not a daft question at all, just something I would not have thought of.
      >Design questions arise: if the font isn't there, should the script alert
      >the user? Or substitute another font (which the OS would do anyway)?
      >Another question is, since I try to make scripts run as fast as possible,
      >would the font check be worth the time it would take, first to gather
      >font info from the original document and then to check to see if SS
      >has them?
      >John R.
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