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5970Re: [wpmac] TextEdit > WP Applescript

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Sep 9, 2009
      Never done anything like that, so this may be a daft question, but if
      you are working in rtf do you need to tell the script to ensure the
      font is one you have available in the Sheepshaver System Folder?


      >This will be of more interest to Intel and Leopard/Snow Leopard users.
      >I'm not doing a lot of writing this summer, and my poor computer never
      >seems to have enough memory, so I haven't set SheepShaver as a startup
      >item, since WP is all I use it for. If I have a note or memo to write,
      >I fire up TextEdit.
      >Some of the time I find myself writing more of a document than I thought
      >I would (the curse/blessing of he who talks too much), and wanting to
      >transfer what I started in TextEdit into WP. So I'm writing an Applescript,
      >to run from the OSX script menu, that will take what's in the frontmost
      >TextEdit document, open WP (and SheepShaver if necessary) and paste it
      >into a new WP document. If the TextEdit doc is in RTF, all formatting will
      >paste as well. This is all do-able manually of course, but the script makes
      >it a one-step operation.
      >Any thoughts on this? I usually overlook something when I write a script.
      >Anything I might be able to add but haven't thought of?
      >John R.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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