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  • John Rethorst
    Aug 6, 2009
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Edward Mendelson" <em315@...> wrote:

      > Perhaps that reply meant something like: "What does the fact that it was
      > written in any particular place have to do with any aspect of the design?"
      > (I asked myself exactly that question when I read the original message...!)

      This was just an installment in some banter that's been going on since WP 3.5
      beta. Someone at WP went on a trip and set his email to auto-response,
      including emails from the beta test list, so everyone got an auto response to
      each msg posted to the list. Comments ensued. I gathered up a few and
      responded to each:

      >If you have a Macintosh issue that needs
      >immediate attention please contact Heather
      >at extension 7392. -Ken

      Well, I have a list issue that could use attention.

      > I will be checking my e-mail periodically. -Ken

      Actually, I'll bet you only check it once.

      >Let this be a lesson to y'all: When you set up an
      >automatic response for your e-mail, don't send the
      >response to lists that also send an automatic response -Chris

      That's nothing. You should see the code he writes.

      >when he gets back we'll be looking for the highest tree. -Marsha

      Marsha's tough! But maybe sly too - I didn't know there were trees in Utah.

      >I, and all of the Corel WordPerfect for Macintosh team,
      >wish to thank you for all of your comments. -Ed

      Actually, _all_ of you don't want to thank _all_ of us for _all_ our comments.

      >Gee, I go visit my folks for a couple hours, and everything
      >falls apart! -Listmom

      Let a WordPerfect manager out of your _sight_ and you bet something
      will happen.

      >I've set Ken to inactive, so he won't be bothering us
      >anymore. -Listmom

      Really? Gee, we all make mistakes. I'll miss him.

      >We couldn't have done it with you [sic]. -Marsha

      Glad to hear you say that. We had fun too.

      >12,500 Graphic Images (previous version shipped with
      >5,400 graphics) - Ed

      Will the shipping version be able to open them? [Beta versions
      could not open them.]

      >Also, an Outlining Button Bar has been added that links
      >to John Rethorst's awesome collapsible outlining macros. -Ed

      With the all-nighter I pulled the night before the deadline, it'll be
      awesome if I fixed more bugs than I added.

      In Ken's defense, he was probably up all night too. Everyone else was.
      But he'll be at Macworld Expo in Boston in case you want to discuss
      anything personally.


      John R.
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