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  • John Rethorst
    Aug 5, 2009
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      In the thread about the default number of lines in the Keep Together dialog,
      someone pointed out a practical limitation of the design, to which I replied:

      > It's worth recalling that the program was written in Utah.

      To which a member of the original programming team replied via email:

      > Hey!

      To which I replied:

      > Wasn't it? I heard rumors it was written in the Bahamas or offshore
      > somewhere, for reasons having to do with intellectual property or
      > something, but I never believed it.

      > I also heard it was written in Redmond, but I won't go there, even
      > though it's only 20 miles away.

      > I dunno, something about the coffee and rain up here, but MS Word is
      > looking better all the time.

      > No doubt if I moved to Phoenix, I'd wave the [WordPerfect] flag more
      > than I do now.

      All comments and suggestions welcome.

      John R.
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