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5930Re: [wpmac] Firewire to SCSI Adaptor (was: A thank you....)

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Jul 20, 2009
      Bob Stern wrote:

      > >J.J. McVeigh wrote:
      >>For what it is worth, I have been using such an adaptor for perhaps
      >>three or four years now... a Ratoc unit... with my dual G5 desktop
      >>computer, and an Epson Perfection 636 SCSI scanner.
      >>The adaptor works like a charm.. no set-up issues at all. I just
      >>plugged it in, and it worked. It, and Vuescan software, have enabled
      >>me to get several more years of use out of the Epson scanner.
      >I assume you are using the OS X version of VueScan.


      > Have you tried using the Firewire-SCSI adapter from within SheepShaver?

      No, not yet. The G5 is still running OS 10.4, and Classic, so there
      is no need.... at least not yet.
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