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  • luskin@aol.com
    Jul 7 1:38 PM
      I finally got WordPerfect from the G3 onto the G4, it works beautifully, it
      prints, templates are fine, I can open all my files. And for fun I turned
      the machine off and then on again. All is fine.

      Let me pass on some information that people might want to know about a
      bunch of things.

      I am not a complete neophyte, I have had Apple computers since 1888, I
      remember upgrading to an SE/30 with a full ten million bytes of memory. This
      conversion has been miserable, as perhaps all conversions after ten years are.

      The problem had to do with the flash drive. I had noticed a couple days
      ago that it was formatted for the PC. I tried to format it for the Mac, but
      contrary to what someone said, I was NOT given the option of formatting it
      for the Macintosh on either the G3 or the G4. I put it onto the Macbook Pro,
      and it let me reformat it as Mac OS (Journal), whatever that means. I tried
      to transfer the files using it, but it did not work. I put the flash drive
      onto the G3 and clicked erase. This time, it let me format it as Mac OS
      Standard. I put the WordPerfect files onto it, and moved them to the G4 with
      no trouble. So the lesson is that, for some reason, the medium IS the
      message. I am going to try to move the fonts to the G4 the same way, even though
      I got them there through AOL already.

      So there it is on the dock, and I am having a wonderful day. I think that
      OS X does not have aliases the same way as OS 9. After WordPerfect starts
      up, the OS 9 icon goes away, but everything works perfectly.

      Someone suggested moving the files via localtalk. This G4 does not have
      localtalk, I wonder if any of them ever did.

      Now all I have to do is to figure out how to get the bookmarks into folders
      on firefox, which I think has a lousy interface, and get the fonts problem
      taken care of. And probably a bunch of tiny things that will pop up for
      months. And get people used to a new gmail address.

      Thank you for the help. As is so often the case, the questions were even
      more helpful than the answers.

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