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5887reading Wordperfect docs in an older version of MS Word

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  • michael.gralnick
    Jul 2, 2009
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      I am still using Office version vX for Macintosh, which I believe is the last version of Office (& MS Word) before Microsoft switched to numbered versions. I would rather not upgrade and have to get accustomed to a newer version's slightly different formats. I would also rather not get a trial version of a newer version, because I've found that the newer, trial version somehow becomes the default and it can be hard to revert back to the previous version once the trial period ends.

      But, I need to read and save to Wordperfect (and only for a few days worth of exchanging documents with someone else).

      Are there any converters or other solutions that will work with my earlier version of Word to enable me to open and save as a Wordperfect document?
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