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5885Re: Basilisk and SheepShaver installers

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  • Edward Mendelson
    Jul 2 6:45 AM
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst" <jrethorst@...> wrote:

      > I've been admiring your Basilisk installer -- a complete application package -- and wondering how much work it would be to shamelessly steal it for an update to the SheepShaver installer. I gather the Applescript does most of the work, and that much I can do, although some of yours is specific to Leopard while I'm on Tiger. Other than the script and replacing resources, what would have to be changed?


      I always hoped you would steal and improve it for Sheepshaver - and that I would shamelessly steal back your improvements.

      First, I've slightly revised the installer in the past month or so, so you may want to download again to see the latest version.

      I think it should be possible to do a simple search-and-replace to make this work with Sheepshaver. Just change the name of the application and bath, and choose a different ROM file (which you'll notice I store in the resources of the BasiliskII application to avoid cluttter) and the whole thing should work without any change - at least under Leopard.

      As for Tiger or later, I just noticed that I've got a redundant version check near the beginning of the script, and I should get rid of the first of them.

      About Tiger: I think I remember that some of the System Events calls aren't supported - for example, I seem to remember that Tiger's System Events can't tell you the script folder in the user folder. But I think you can probably force the script to use the English-language name for that folder by appending its name (which may limit the installer to English-language systems).

      I think also that some of the version tests, etc., aren't supported in Tiger. But I would suggest simply replacing all the BasiliskII strings with "Sheepshaver" (and using a different ROM file and filename for the ROM file) and seeing what happens. Please let me know how it works out.

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