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5868Re: [wpmac] batch-converting WP files

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Jun 22 12:50 PM
      Subject to having to check formatting, but you
      should have lost no text/ graphics/ tables etc.
      Smokey Ardison is the expert on this.

      >--- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Geoff Gilbert <Geoff@...> wrote:
      >> Just one question - how complex are your 20 years
      >> worth of files?
      >Dead simple, for the most part. No embedded
      >tables or graphics, e.g. No footnotes, headers,
      >indices, math formulas, weird paginations or
      >documents over 50 pages. The fanciest I ever got
      >was a set of low-level text-formatting macros
      >for screenplay formatting.
      >(The macros' content were dictated to me, over
      >the phone, line by patient line, by one of
      >WordPerfect's original tech wizards, when they
      >were still in Orem; I miss those days.)
      >> NeoOffice is good for
      >> straightforward fles but can lose some of the
      >> more complex attributes of WP.
      >May I take that to mean, then, that—in using the
      >Get Info>Open With>Change All—I've accomplished
      >the same basic task of file "conversion" for
      >which John R's MetaMacro was originally
      >intended, at least for the easier stuff?
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