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5843Shutdown issues

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Jun 6 11:58 PM
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      Dear All

      Anyone else having this experience. Since upgrading to 10.5.7, if I
      use Sheepshaver, then while I can shut it down, I cannot subsequently
      shut down or even restart OS X - all applications apparently quit,
      the dock and menubar vanish, but I'm left with the desktop and the
      grey lines spinning forever. It takes a cold shutdown (hold the power
      button down until everything cuts out). It's only after I use
      Sheepshaver and only since I upgraded to 10.5.7. I'm asking solely to
      see if anyone else has had this experience.

      SheepShaver(H) UB 21-07-2008. Using symlinks to access files on the OS X disk.
      OS X 10.5.7, MacBook Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.8 GHz, 4Gb memory.


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