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5830Re: [wpmac] Re: Any Advice for Porting WordPerfect 10 Documents to a Mac?

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  • J Busch
    May 25, 2009
      I have lost three virtual machines under Fusion 2 (~Jan Build), two virtual machines with virtualbox and one with parallels 3.0. I had backups to recover from, but in my experience I trust Fusion less than Parallels. They each have issues from time to time. Try the demos out and choose what works for you.

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      On May 25, 2009, at 6:41, Chad Russell <boomslang@...> wrote:

      > Yes Randy, I was going to Cite the same results. As a side note,
      > current Fusion is faster than v3 Parallels, but v4 Parallels is faster
      > than both.

      The problem is that although Parallels 4 is faster than VMWare Fusion 2, it is still much "flakier" -- for example, the upgrader from Parallels 3 to 4 was so badly-written and poorly-tested that it managed to utterly destroy all my virtual machines (even those on a backup server that I had accidentally left mounted), requiring me to manually downgrade and restore all my PC files from offline backup.

      I then switched to VMWare Fusion 2 and imported the restored machines into it without a hitch.

      VMWare appears to have a superior beta-testing process, and -- in my experience -- produces a much more reliable product; perhaps this is the reason Fusion is slower than Parallels and has a somewhat smaller feature set. I finally got Parallels 4 running, and it is a faster, slicker product -- but I will never trust it again, and am going to stick with VMWare Fusion 2 for the foreseeable future.

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