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5826Re: [wpmac] Re: Any Advice for Porting WordPerfect 10 Documents to a Mac?

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  • J Busch
    May 24, 2009
      You can map your Mac Documents folder to a shared drive in XP with Fusion, Parallels or Virtualbox. Then change your XP My Documents folder to this shared drive and your docs folder will be accessable and identicle from any program.


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      On May 23, 2009, at 15:57, "Edward Mendelson" <em315@...> wrote:

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "dee.rrxing" <dee.rrxing@...> wrote:

      > My boss at work stores all of his invoices in a WordPerfect 10 document (.wpd) format, on a Dell Laptop using Windows XP. These invoices contain images, tables, and text.
      > He recently purchased a new MacBook, using OS X 10.5.7, and asked me if I could move all of his invoices over.
      > How might I go about doing this, with no loss of format?

      Unfortunately, the ONLY sensible way to do this is to buy a copy of XP (on eBay, probably) and to buy a copy of VMware Fusion, which runs XP in a window on the Mac. Then install XP in Fusion (takes some time), and then install WordPerfect in the XP installed in Fusion. If you turn on "Shared Folders" and "Unity mode" in Fusion, your boss will be able to run WP in a window, just as if it were a Mac application, and he'll be able to keep his invoices in his Documents folder (it will be inside Drive Z: in Windows) and also print them to whatever printer he uses with his Mac. Once you set this up, it's seamless and foolproof. I use this exact setup, and I guarantee that it actually works.

      If someone offers you a different solution, make sure to ask if they have ever actually used the setup they suggest, or if they merely think it ought to work, or if someone told them that it might work, or if they read somewhere that it could possibly work. The method outlined here actually does work, and I actually do use it.

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