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5815Re: Any Advice for Porting WordPerfect 10 Documents to a Mac?

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  • twinc_19711
    May 23, 2009
      The only way you can completely be sure you preserve these files is to
      stay in WordPerfect in a Windows environment. Even if you were in
      WordPerfect and converted the file to Word, so it could be read in Word
      in PC or on a Mac, all of the original WordPerfect formatting may not
      remain. I have used this approach many times and the more complicated
      the formatting, the less likely the file will completely be the same.
      So unless you can stay with WordPerfect, you will have to edit and
      reformat the file.I was along time WordPerfect user, and when I switched
      to Mac in 2007 I first used parallels and WordPerfect on the Windows
      side. When I went to my second Mac I decided to let go of Parallels (I
      was never a fan) and now I use MacLinkPlus Delux to convert the
      WordPerfect files to Word so I can use them on the Mac. It works very
      well, but cannot preserve the more complicated formating. For example,
      WordPerfect allows you to separate the page into several subpages - very
      nice for brochures and conference flyers. The conversion cannot
      preserve that.In my experience, you can get most of the content, but you
      will have to work with the new file to make it the same.
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "dee.rrxing" <dee.rrxing@...>
      > I'm working into a dead end with this problem, as far as I can see.
      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      > My boss at work stores all of his invoices in a WordPerfect 10
      document (.wpd) format, on a Dell Laptop using Windows XP. These
      invoices contain images, tables, and text.
      > He recently purchased a new MacBook, using OS X 10.5.7, and asked me
      if I could move all of his invoices over.
      > How might I go about doing this, with no loss of format?
      > So far, I have tried Open Office, NeoOffice, and Nisus Writer Pro in
      terms of OS X word processors. Each of these can open the documents, but
      they do not display the images in the file nor do they preserve the
      special table formatting, where a "Total" column is automatically
      calculated by an "Amount" and "Price" columns (The Total column will not
      update when the latter two are changed.).
      > I tried WordPerfect 3.5e, but that's a little outdated, which I didn't
      > I also tried using Wine (CrossOver), but upon trying to install
      WordPerfect 10 (Which is not a supported product), the install reports
      that I do not have administrative privileges and closes. I also tried
      installing a free trial of the latest WordPerfect office, but the
      installation hangs.
      > Unfortunately, Boot Camp is not an option, because the only Windows XP
      disk that my boss has is the one supplied with his Dell laptop. I've
      read that those reinstallation disks will not work for Boot Camp.
      Additionally, my boss is not well-versed with computers, and I do not
      want him to need to deal with restarting to switch between OSs so often.
      > What other options might I have?
      > Thank you very much for your help.
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