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5786Re: [wpmac] Button Bar has disappeared

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  • Daryl Chinn
    May 1 12:33 PM
      John may know something about trashing your preferences in a system folder; I don't know for sure.

      However, you can try these:

      1)Quit WP.
      2) Re-open WP.
      3) On the top of the screen, go to Layout/Show (or Hide) Button Bar, and click on.Show Button Bar.

      On my 3.5e on a late Powerbook G4/10.4.11, I can show/hide the Button Bar using <Apple-Option-B> but I don't know whether I have customized my keyboard for this.

      I'd also recommend you also play around with your Preferences (under Edit/Preferences/Show Bars) to see what you can do with the whole program and what it shows. 

      Let us know what does or doesn't work.


      How can I retrieve my Button Bar, which has vanished. I don't know when
      or how it happened. The menu bar at the top of the desktop has a pull-down
      menu headed Layout. The second item is "Show Button Bar." I clicked on
      that but nothing happened. I'm running WP 5.3 Enhanced on an iMac G5, OSX
      version 10.4.11.

      Ruth B.

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