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5781Delay when opening WP documents

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  • vincent_jaeger
    Apr 26, 2009
      Our company has been using WP Mac since 1992, we have over 20000 WP Documents. We use Mac minis with Mac OS 10.4.11 and WordPerfect 3.5.4. Everything works flawlessly, but on my Mac a nasty problem has developed: when I open a WP document, be it locally on my Mac or on our server, the document will open fairly quickly but then the cursor turns to the clock symbol for about 15 seconds, meaning I can neither change nor print the document for a time that seems endless. However, if I open a document that is defined as "stationary" there is absolutely no delay. The problem happens with any user on my Mac. The problem disappears for local documents if I unmount all server volumes (Xserve G5, OS X 10.3.9 Server).

      I hope someone can help me solve this mystery. Thanks.

      Vincent Jaeger
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