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5735[wpmac] Re: Appletalk Printing from SS Solved

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  • Bob Stern
    Apr 2, 2009
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      >Edward Mendelson wrote:
      >1. Using Google or any other search engine, find, download, and
      >install the NetworkStat widget in OS X. Typically the second set of
      >numbers it displays is the IP address of your Mac on your internal
      >network (probably something like There are a dozen other
      >programs that show your IP address, but this is an easy one to use.

      Thanks, Edward. That's extremely helpful!

      Minor suggestion regarding Step 1: Instead of downloading the
      NetworkStat widget, you can get your IP address from utilities built
      into OS X:

      In the Apple menu, click About This Mac, click the More Info button,
      then click Network in the left hand pane. (Be sure to click Network
      itself, not any entries under Network.)


      Launch "Network Utility" (in the Utilities folder in the Applications
      folder). Click the Info tab.

      Bob Stern
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