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5732Re: Appletalk Printing from SS Solved

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  • Edward Mendelson
    Apr 2, 2009
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst" <jrethorst@...> wrote:

      > Very basic question: how do you determine your Mac's IP address?


      Wouldn't it be nice if things got explained clearly the first time around? Here's the full story:

      You can print from SheepShaver to any printer installed in the host OS X system. The printer can be connected by USB, wireless, wired network, or any other way. Follow these steps.

      First, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with AppleTalk. AppleTalk need not be active in either OS X or Sheepshaver/OS 9. It will not hurt to have AppleTalk on, but it won't help either.

      Next, the instructions apply to OS X 10.5 Leopard. You should find it easy to find the corresponding steps for 10.4 Tiger.

      1. Using Google or any other search engine, find, download, and install the NetworkStat widget in OS X. Typically the second set of numbers it displays is the IP address of your Mac on your internal network (probably something like There are a dozen other programs that show your IP address, but this is an easy one to use.

      2. In OS X, use System Preferences, then Sharing; put a checkmark next to Printer Sharing. Then, in the list of printers, highlight the printer that you want to print to, put a checkmark next to its name, and click Open Print & Fax settings.

      3. In the Print & Fax settings, your chosen printer should be highlighted. Click Open Print Queue. In the dialog that describes your printer, click Info, then, on the General tab, find the Queue Name (typically something like HP_LaserJet_4300_YourName, but with the name of your printer, not mine), highlight the queue name, and press Cmd-C to copy it to the clipboard.

      4. Start Sheepshaver. In the Finder, use File, Find... to find the Desktop Printer Utility and launch it. In the New Desktop Printer dialog, make sure that Laserwriter 8 is selected (there probably won't be anything else). In the list of options, select Printer (LPR) and click OK.

      5. In the Untitled 1 dialog, find the icon in the box "LPR Printer Selection" and click the Change... button to the right of that icon. In the Internet Printer dialog, in the TOP line (Printer Address) enter the IP address of your Mac, which you found in step 1. (Something like - but don't use unless your Mac really and truly is at the address, because this is only an EXAMPLE. If you try to make this work by typing into the box without actually finding the correct number in step 1, it is guaranteed NOT to work.)

      6. Don't close that Internet Printer dialog! Click in the Queue box, press Cmd-V to paste in the Queue name that you copied in step 3, typically something like HP_Laserjet_4300_YourName (but again, this is only an EXAMPLE - this will only work if you use the correct name.)

      7. Don't close that dialog! Click Verify. This will test that something really is at the IP address you entered. If the verification doesn't work, start over, and check every step. If the verification works, then click OK.

      8. Back in the Untitled 1 dialog, click Create; then in the Save Desktop Printer dialog, enter a name for your printer, like "OS X Printer" or "Roscoe" or anything you like, and click Save.

      When the printer icon appears on your desktop, try printing from WordPerfect or SimpleText or any other application in Sheepshaver. If something goes wrong, start over and follow the instructions EXACTLY. Please try following the instructions in obsessively complete detail, two or three times if necessary.

      Does that answer all relevant questions?
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