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5728Appletalk Printing from SS Solved

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  • steve97m
    Apr 2, 2009
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      The tip from John on March 25 about printer sharing also solves the problem of printing to an Appletalk printer directly from SheepShaver. Appletalk printing is set up on the OSX side and printer sharing is enabled. Within SS, the key is to set up the printer as an LPR printer and then print to the IP address of your Mac. One slight rub is that if your IP address changes due to DHCP assignment, the LPR printer must be redirected to the new IP address. I tried using, the localhost address, but this failed. Bottom line, however, is that this is still an excellent solution for those wishing to print directly to an Appletalk printer from within SheepShaver. John, thanks for pointing this out and to the original poster on emaculation.com for discovering this.
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