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5707Re: [wpmac] Print Directly to Printer

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  • Rick Albright
    Mar 23, 2009
      I just do File, Print, from within WordPerfect under Classic, the
      same way that I did it before OSX came along. I should have mentioned
      that my printer is an Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS (a vintage machine,
      but a real workhorse). Maybe it works this way because it's the
      LaserWriter driver? I'll appeal to someone more knowledgeable about
      this topic.

      Rick Albright

      On Mar 23, 2009, at 12:41 AM, George B. Richardson wrote:

      > Noting that you "can print directly" to your
      > printer: I have never been able to do anything
      > other than print to a pdf. How do you print
      > directly to your printer?
      > George Richardson
      > At 9:17 PM -0400 3/22/09, Rick Albright wrote:
      > >I run 10.4.11 on a G4 Mac Mini. I have no
      > >printing issues with WordPerfect at all. I can
      > >print directly to my printer, or I can create a
      > >post script file and open it in Preview, which
      > >converts it t a PDF. Either one works for me.
      > >Rick Albright
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