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5646graphic resizing problem

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Feb 14, 2009
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      Hi Everyone.

      Wonder if I'm doing something wrong with inserting or pasting JPEG
      graphics into WP docs. Graphics are fine so long as they remain the
      size they are inserted or pasted in. If I resize (usually reduce) the
      JPEG within WP, whether in a regular document window or using the
      graphic editor, it looks degraded and does not print well. If I use
      another app (typically the draw module of ClarisWorks 4 or AppleWorks 6)
      to reduce the graphic to the size I need for the WP doc, and only the
      paste it in, it looks fine. This problem, BTW, is not new to SS; I have
      had to deal with graphics in WP this way for years, in OS 8, OS 9,
      Classic, and now SS. Rick's point, that this list is not only about
      SheepShaver (I can't find the original post now), is well taken. There
      are still things within WP to ask questions about.

      Despite the workaround I use, I will welcome any advice.


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