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5597Re: [wpmac] Re: How to upgrade the System

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  • Keith Addison
    Jan 16, 2009
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      Hello Geoff

      Thanks very much, that's made quite a few things clear. Very helpful!

      All best


      >On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:14:47AM +0900, Keith Addison wrote:
      >>Are upgrades to OS 8 or 8.5/6 okay, or are you using 7.5.I? Maybe it
      >>would work with Tiger?
      >You can upgrade to MacOS 8 pretty easily, again, you need a RETAIL CD.
      >If you do, apply the 8.1 upgrade, which you can download from Apple.
      >The same with 8.5. I've never seen an 8.6 true install CD, the only ones
      >I have seen boot an 8.6 System folder that will only run from a CD. When you
      >install 8.6 from them, they do a standard 8.5 install and then run the 8.6
      >upgrade. The result is the same, the process strange. :-)
      >>Running Sheepshaver from an OS 9 CD would slow it down a lot (and tie
      >>up the drive).
      >>Has anyone managed to upgrade to 9.0.4?
      >I've done it by creating a disk image, copying all of the files over from
      >the WordPerfect 7.5 image and then installing OS9. The problem I have
      >is that diskcheck runs and tells me that the disk needs to be repaired with
      >the OSX disk utility, but then the Leopard (10.5.6) one won't check the
      >disk, it claims it can't find a file system.
      >In other cases, I've run SS under Windows with a 9.0.4 system installed
      >on an empty image from the CD. Before I had the 9.0.4 CD, I used a 9.0.1
      >and installed the updates from Apple.
      >As for what to upgrade to, 8.0/8.1 is mixed code, some of it is 680x0 code
      >running on a built in 68020 emulator. 8.5 is pure PPC code, so it will run
      >faster, but it is awfully buggy, so it needs the 8.6 update.
      >OS9 adds some features, and there are a few changes with 9.1.5. Most of them
      >had to do with hardware support, which is why they won't run under SS.
      >OS 9.2.x had to do with running in classic mode and also had some hardware
      >upgrades. I personally don't know of any APPLICATION software that requires
      >OS9 beyond 9.0.4, but that does not mean there isn't any.
      >Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel gsm@... N3OWJ/4X1GM
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