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5595Re: [wpmac] Re: How to upgrade the System

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  • Keith Addison
    Jan 15, 2009
      >On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 02:20:21AM +0900, Keith Addison wrote:
      >>>SheepShaver Prefs has an option to Boot from CD. Activate that, quit
      >>>SS, insert your OS 9 CD and start SS again.
      >>Does that include OS 9.2.2?
      >If you did not see my reply, which probably arrived after you asked this,
      >NO. SS only supports up to 9.0.4.

      Thankyou Geoff. That's right, I hadn't seen your reply yet.

      >I've not been able to get an upgrade to work properly.You can't install
      >a reasonable (IMHO) OS9 system on the disk image in the sheepshaver WP
      >package, it won't fit. When I create a larger image, no matter what I
      >do, when I am done, the boot time disk check tells me the disk needs to
      >be repaired with OSX disk utility, but the Leopard disk utility won't
      >check it.


      Are upgrades to OS 8 or 8.5/6 okay, or are you using 7.5.I? Maybe it
      would work with Tiger?

      Running Sheepshaver from an OS 9 CD would slow it down a lot (and tie
      up the drive).

      Has anyone managed to upgrade to 9.0.4?

      All best


      >Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel gsm@... N3OWJ/4X1GM
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