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5568Re: [wpmac] Re: New version of SheepShaver install in progress - what needs to be added/fixe

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  • Geoffrey S. Mendelson
    Jan 12, 2009
      On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 02:52:12PM -0000, Edward Mendelson wrote:
      >This part of the setup is the only thing I wasn't able to script
      >for my Basilisk II system. It would be good to be able to save
      >the user the trouble of following instructions to set this up -
      >and would save time on help requests too...

      Speaking of instructions, I can't find, or figure out any way of creating
      a new disk image that works with SheepShaver AND can be checked/repaired
      with Leopard's disk utility.

      I know many people who use WP among other tools and having a setup
      with the WP packages installed, on a larger virtual disk along with
      MacOS 9, would allow them to move to Leopard.

      Any instructions, pointers, etc, would be appriciated.


      Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel gsm@... N3OWJ/4X1GM
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