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5567Re: New version of SheepShaver install in progress - what needs to be added/fixe

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  • somniferous1
    Jan 12 1:46 AM

      If you are asking for wish lists I would wish for a one click script
      that would allow me to have *any* application launch the slick way you
      suggest that wordperfect would launch. What a wonderful thing that
      would be.

      Not having used SS much the one thing I found cumbersome was folder
      storage, I would love to be able to use subfolders and store my OSX
      with my OS9 data for logical filing. In my extremely limited use of
      SS that filing system didn't seem possible unless I moved the file I
      wanted to SS and back again each time.

      I wonder as Edward does, what are the pros and cons of Basilisk II
      compared to SS. I have only seen SS in action and that of course was
      on the PC.

      I just bought an Intel MacBookPro because I am was excited to hear
      that my PPC applications (I use on my G4) might run on it. I like the
      idea of a non jittery cursor. I think I might await the new
      installation because when I installed SS on the PC I found it was very
      involved and would love to have a simpler installation. The one Edward
      created sounded so elegant that I have visions of using all my
      favorite programs!

      Thanks for asking. And thanks for keeping the old mac programs alive.
      Weren't some of them simply the best?

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Edward Mendelson" <em315@...>
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst" <jrethorst@>
      > >
      > > I'm starting to update the install package. It will include the
      > > apparently bug-free release of SheepShaver.

      > My only question: is there any benefit to using SheepShaver rather
      > than Basilisk II? Basilisk II is a lot faster, and WP doesn't
      include any
      > features that require a PowerPC computer instead of the 680x0
      > machine emulated by Basilisk II. On my machine, Basilisk II boots
      > in three seconds; SheepShaver takes fifteen. I'm not sure I see
      > what the real-world benefit is of using SheepShaver instead, but
      > maybe I'm missing something obvious.
      > We'll all be very grateful for version 2.0!
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