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5513RTF Problem Fixed!

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  • johnhokanson1980
    Nov 30, 2008
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      Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving.

      I just wanted to send a quick shout out to Edward and other people
      who have had: Your RTF fix worked beautifully! The question now
      becomes why and how? I dunno. Maybe some file in the Conversions 2.1
      packet doesn't work all the time. One person dating back to 2004 had
      this same problem (check this post):


      Plus, as a bonus, you gave me some Appleworks converters not in that
      packet. :)

      I can now save RTF files. XTND still doesn't work, but that's a
      problem for another day.

      Thanks a bunch! You are awesome Edward!

      One more thing I want to point out is that your .sea archive doesn't
      seem to work on OS9 (I had the same garbage files as generated by
      the .zip). The .sit works fine though. Just in case you want to
      distro this to OS9 users. :)

      - John
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