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5511Simpler way to run WPMac on Intel - Corrected!

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  • Edward Mendelson
    Nov 30, 2008
      I discovered that my simpler system for running WPMac
      on Intel had an error that caused some keystrokes to
      work incorrectly (for example, the tilde/accent-grave
      key on US keyboards). I've now posted a corrected version.

      As before, the download is here:


      To download and run, click on the down arrow at the
      far right of the line with "WP Appliance Files.zip"
      This will download a ZIP file to your downloads
      folder. Double-click on the ZIP file to extract
      a folder called "WP Appliance Files" Inside that
      folder is an icon "Install WPMac Appliance."
      Double-click on that icon and follow the prompts.

      If you already have a version of this installed, there
      is no need to replace your existing version of
      the WPMac Appliance virtual disk, but you SHOULD
      choose the option to "restore the WPMac Appliance
      defaults" - because this will install the corrected
      version of the preference file.

      The virtual disk in the new upload has a few minor
      improvements, but not enough to make it
      worthwhile to replace your existing virtual disk
      if you've made changes in it.