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5452WOW! (Was: A small and simple way to use WPMac files on today's Macs)

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  • John Rethorst
    Nov 2, 2008

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Edward Mendelson" <em315@...> wrote:
      > Inspired by John Rethorst's ambitious and powerful
      > SheepShaver/WordPerfect setup, I've put together a
      > much smaller and more limited way to run WPMac on
      > today's Macs. It works a bit like John's method in
      > that it uses an old "emulator" program called
      > Basilisk II to create a "virtual" early-1990s-era
      > Mac on your OS X desktop, in the same way that
      > John's method uses the SheepShaver emulator to
      > create a "virtual" high-powered Classic Mac.
      > My method simply and shamelessly copies
      > some of the best things in John's method,
      > including the script that automatically
      > prints or creates a PDF file from WPMac.
      > The difference between the methods are these:
      > 1. Mine includes copies of WPMac 1.0.5, 2.1.3,
      > 3.5.4, and the final version, 3.5e (enhanced) so
      > that anyone with ancient files can open them on
      > ancient versions of the software. (This seems to
      > be the only way to open password-protected WP 1.x
      > files.) John's has 3.5e only, but with lots of
      > add-on macros and other convenience features.
      > 2. My more limited method requires no setting-up.
      > You simply run the Installer script, and it does
      > all the setting-up for you. You may need to do
      > some minimal setting-up inside WPMac if you want
      > to print or create a PDF file, but this is fully
      > explained in the Read Me file that opens at
      > the end of the installation.
      > 3. John's method is designed to be a full working
      > environment, complete with bells, whistles, and
      > all modern conveniences. Mine is an absolutely
      > minimal system, designed to open WPMac files so
      > you can read them or print them, or convert them
      > to other formats when saving them. That's all it
      > does. If you use WPMac regularly, forget about my
      > method, and use John's method. If you merely have
      > some old WPMac files that you need to look at or
      > convert, you might want to try my more limited
      > method.
      > John's system and mine can coexist on the same
      > system. They don't conflict with each other in
      > any way.
      > If you want to try it out, go to this address:
      > http://public.me.com/emendelson
      > and click the down-arrow next to the filename
      > WPApplianceFiles.zip. If you're running Leopard
      > (which the only system I've tested this on) the
      > download will automatically create a folder
      > named WPAppliance Files in your Downloads
      > folder. Launch the installation script and
      > follow the prompts.
      > The installation script is fairly complex in
      > order to make things go as smoothly as possible
      > for the user. It works on my Intel-Leopard Mac,
      > but it may not work on yours. I created a new
      > user account on my Mac, logged in to the new
      > account, downloaded the file, and installed the
      > system. It worked - but, again, it may not
      > work on your system or with your account.
      > This system comes with absolutely no technical
      > or any other kind of support. It's designed to
      > be completely benign, but it may cause your
      > computer to explode or it may cause your
      > coffeemaker to burn out. It may cause you to
      > lose your teeth or your hair or your patience;
      > I doubt it, but be warned that no one has tested
      > this but me. If anything goes wrong, I probably
      > can't fix it for you, though I may try to get
      > the system to work better in the future.
      > Note to John: The installer script shows that I
      > know nothing about Applescript, but it includes
      > a couple of techniques that you may want to
      > look at in case they're useful for future
      > versions of your SheepShaver setup.
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