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5450WP 3.5e and compatibility with other WP versions

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  • Edward Mendelson
    Oct 29, 2008
      There seems to be some confusion here about the ability of
      WP 3.5e for the Mac (the one in the Sheepshaver download
      created by John R.) and other WP versions.

      Very briefly:

      Files created in WPMac 3.5e's native format can NOT be opened
      by ANY other version of WordPerfect. You can set 3.5e to save
      by default in WPMac 3 format, and files in that format CAN be
      opened by WP for Windows (any recent version) or WP 6.x for

      Files created by WPDOS or WP for Windows can be opened in
      3.5e if the required converter files are present in the WPMac
      setup (as they are in John's Sheepshaver download) AND if
      John's Conversion Droplets are installed and used for opening
      the files. John's Conversions Droplets are available here in the
      Yahoo group, under Files > Conversions (follow the links on
      the left of the browser window when you visit the group).