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5372Re: Word -> WP conversion problems

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  • ted_m_p_lee
    Sep 11, 2008
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "tbgibson" <tbgibson@...>
      > I open all my Word documents by dragging the file onto the Text Edit
      > icon. This opens the file in Text Edit while keeping the formatting.
      > When I copy and paste the document's contents from Text Edit into
      > WordPerfect, the formatting remains.

      That doesn't seem to work for me on these documents -- even if I open
      them with something else (Appleworks 6 or NeoOffice, say). On the
      other hand, out of desparation I tried the Word -> WP droplet that's
      in the conversion file section here, picking Appleworks 6 as the
      translator and it seemed to work fine. (That droplet uses one of
      three programs to read the Word file, save it as rtf, and then open
      it in WP.) I don't know why using NeoOffice to generate the rtf
      version doesn't work but Appleworks does. Now, cut-and-paste from
      Appleworks into Wordperfect doesn't work (for me) any better than
      from TextEdit or NeoOffice (a lot of formatting gets lost); my guess,
      which I'm not going to attempt to verify, is that it may have
      something to do with fonts which for whatever reason are handled more
      forgivingly by using rtf as the intermediary than the clipboard. I
      don't know why I can't get wordperfect itself to use one of its
      conversion filters (I did install the "latest" set) and open the
      files directly, but since I found something that works I'm not going
      to investigate that further either.

      Ted Lee
      Minnetonka, MN
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