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5367Word -> WP conversion problems

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  • ted_m_p_lee
    Sep 8, 2008
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      I have a bunch of Word documents of uncertain vintage (all .doc, from a
      Windows platform) that I'd like to process with WP (to use reveal codes
      so I can edit some formatting.) I tried reading them with NeoOffice
      and saving in rtf format, but that doesn't work -- WP only seems to see
      the first couple of lines. (The whole document's fine in NeoOffice.)
      Any quick bright ideas? Worse comes to worse I can simply cut from
      NeoOffice and paste into WP (losing all the formatting) and reformat,
      but I'd rather not. I admit I do not know if I have the latest set of
      conversion filters -- if that's likely to make a difference I'll check.

      Ted Lee
      Minnetonka, MN
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